Hayward Neon Tower :: Neon Sculpture, 1972, 45' x 10' x 10' London, UK

The Hayward Neon Tower sited atop the prominent elevator shaft on the South Bank’s Hayward Gallery has been a familiar landmark for Londoners since 1972. Designed by Philip Vaughan and with electronics engineered by Roger Dainton, it was commissioned by the Arts Council of rolex replica Great Britain and the Greater London Council in 1970, following a search for public arts ideas to bring attention to the area. A model of the tower was originally of the Hayward Gallery’s Kinetics show curated by Professor Norbert Lynton.

The yellow, blue, red, green and magenta which make up the tower are controlled by a dimming computer system which uses changes in wind strength, wind direction and other factors to ensure the work reflects it changing environment.

After over 30 years, the uk replica watches technical systems of the tower are being renovated to return the sculpture to its intended form and kinetics.

Hayward Tower image 1 Hayward Tower image 2 Hayward Tower image 3 Hayward Tower image 4 Hayward Tower image 5 Hayward Tower image 6 Hayward Tower image 7 Hayward Tower image 8 Hayward Tower image 9 Hayward Tower image 10 Hayward Tower image 11 Hayward Tower image 12

Expanding Sphere :: 1999, 18' diameter sculpture set in a 80' x 70' x 40' environment, Hokkaido, Japan

The Expanding Sphere, which grows from 4.5 feet to 19.5 feet (1.4m to 5.9m) in diameter, is a primary attraction in one of Japan's newest and largest retail centers: Mycal Otaru Bay Center in Hokkaido. Installed in March, 1999, the project was produced in partnership with Vertex Productions.

The sphere is suspended above the Center's Imagination Chamber, and is actuated with a computer-based motion control system. This system opens and closes the sphere in a programmed series of lyrical motions choreographed to music, lighting and special effects. Special shows occur at replica watches various intervals throughout the day for the entertainment of visitors.

Expanding Sphere image 1 Expanding Sphere image 2 Expanding Sphere image 3 Expanding Sphere image 4 Expanding Sphere image 5 Expanding Sphere image 7 Expanding Sphere image 7 Expanding Sphere image 8 Expanding Sphere image 9 Expanding Sphere image 10 Expanding Sphere image 11 Expanding Sphere image 13 Expanding Sphere image 14

Walsall Jubilee Tower :: Steel tubing, Neon, Electronics, 1980, 60' x 18', Walsall, UK

A pencil thin steel tower with programmed neon lighting, held aloft by an array of steel cables and earth anchors. Commissioned by Northern Arts and the City Of Walsall Parks dept to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee celebrations.

Work erected with the help of the parks department and a team of volunteers.

Walsall Jubilee Tower Walsall Jubilee Tower Bede Tower, Jarrow

Bede Tower, Jarrow :: Steel tubing, Neon, Electronics, 1977, 60' x 12" x 12", Jarrow, UK

This neon kinetic work set in the proud northeast mining and industrial English city of Jarrow, is now in process of being renovated. The work was originally commissioned by Vince Rea and the Bede Gallery with the assistance of Northern Arts. It was erected on the roof of what was once the City’s nuclear fall-out shelter

Bede Tower, Jarrow


Standing Wave :: Steel framing and rebar, steel mesh, hand trowelled cement plaster, and acrylic paint

A permanent installation at the Chattanooga Museum of Art, Chattanooga, TN.

Standing Wave image 1 Standing Wave image 2 Standing Wave image 3 Standing Wave image 4

Kilroy Fibonacci Spiral Water Sculpture :: Digital concept illustration, 2000, 58' x 18', Los Angeles CA (USA)

A public kinetic water sculpture commissioned by the Kilroy Realty Corporation for their Westside Media Center in West Los Angeles, with the help of the City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs dept and their 1% for Art program.

Kilroy image 1 Kilroy image 2 Kilroy image 3 Kilroy image 4 Kilroy image 5 Kilroy image 6 . Kilroy image 6 Kilroy image 6 Kilroy image 6

Mattel Park for the Jr. Blind ::

An experimental playground facility consisting of a variety of mixed-use play equipment, textured walls and rockwork elements, water features and landscaping. The playground utilizes such elements as textured surfaces, motion, light, wet and dry areas, and interactive touch sensors that activate a variety of sounds in order to provide a more complex environment to users who are partially to completely without eyesight.

Mattel Park Mattel Park image 2 Mattel Park image 3 Mattel Park image 4

Proposals and Fountains

Finsail Sculpture :: Drawing, computer formed and punched metal sleaves, maquette, 2000, 14' x 25'

Finsail Sculpture image 1 Finsail Sculpture image 2 Finsail Sculpture image 3 Finsail Sculpture image 4 Finsail Sculpture image 5

Fountain Concepts :: Drawings and sketches, 1999-2007

Colorado Springs Colorado Springs image 2 Nature Nature Nature Fountain with fire Fountain with fire image 2 Lighthouse Triangular Fountain Vertical Sheet Jet Fountain

Memorial Concept Illustrations :: Drawings, 1999-2002

Proposal for Jackie Robinson Memorial in Pasadena, California. Project was short-listed but was eventually rejected.

Jackie Robinson Memorial Memorial for Flight #261