Residency at Buffalo Creek Art Center 2018

Buffalo Creek art center is a project in its first few years of development. The Center has a fully working metal shop, great equipment and fabulous artists’ accommodation in the main house. All this set in a beautiful estate of some 30 acres of orchards and parkland on the side of a mountain overlooking the Carson valley.


This was my first residency and aside for the sheer beauty of the place and its climate I was most impressed by the level of support the Center affords to its artists. Unique among such places, Buffalo Creek is equipped with a well-furnished metal shop, with MIG and TIG welders, bending equipment and a host of heavy machinery to lift and move sculpture around. It also has a woodworking shop under construction, which will add a whole dimension to its offerings. Also on site is a beautifully landscaped, permanent sculpture park, featuring a growing, number of works made at the Buffalo Creek.


The combination of a pristine mountain environment, a very helpful and supportive staff, the small number of resident artists and the lively conversations with owner and founder Steve Hardy make for a wonderful opportunity to think and great place to work. My time there was extraordinary, I was able to dive into a major project and work at it for long hours every day. I was also fortunate enough to be working alongside a great group of other artists. We lent each other practical support, encouragement and constructive criticism and we all engaged in stimulating conversations together and with Steve on a regular basis. 


The net result is a very special place and a unique experience. The proof of the pudding is the very high caliber work on display in the sculpture park. This Center is in its first few years, I will look forward to staying involved in the future and watching it grow over the coming years . My Work Atom Rebar Sphere was installed in the Sculpture park at the end of the 2018 season